IronBox Secure File Transfer

IronBox Secure File Transfer is a managed software service that enables you to exchange sensitive data with your customers securely and effortlessly.

Our data protection engine automatically protects your data in transit and at rest so you that don’t have to. You get peace of mind knowing that your data is protected with the highest available encryption technologies.

Every month you and your customers will save on IT support costs and frustration. Our service is Web-based which means that it’s easy to use.  And there is no extra hardware, software or annoying security patches for you and your customers to worry about.

Save on IT support costs and customer frustration

Because IronBox is cloud-based, there’s no extra hardware, software or annoying security patches to worry about each month or to frustrate customers with. Setup takes just a few minutes, if that.

And because it’s Web-based, IronBox works on every modern browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari) and operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux).

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Technical Skills Are Optional

Power users love IronBox Secure File Transfer, but you won’t need technical skills to use it. With our Easy Access feature and Secure File Transfer Wizard you can send and receive data securely like the pros with just a few mouse clicks.

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Helps You Stay Compliant and Exceed Competitors

IronBox automatically applies multiple layers of protection to your data at-rest, in-transit and more with the highest available encryption technologies (AES 256 and variable length RSA). This helps you stay compliant with data protection requirements from state laws and regulations like HIPAA, HITECH, SOX, PCI, NERC CIP and more.

It also shows customers that you are serious about protecting their data. And lets you instantly exceed competitors who don’t.

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Stop Risking Your Customer's Data and Your Reputation

You could keep risking your customer's data with technologies like email and FTP. You could even try to build your own solution and hope you get it right. Or you could start your free no-risk trial of IronBox Secure File Transfer today and let our experts do the work for you.