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Symantec Security Flaws

Here’s an article about some security flaws recently disclosed in Symantec line of products, and a more in-depth look at the issues from Google Project Zero team. Just goes to show you that even security products need to be developed

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Lesson Learned from MySpace, LinkedIn and Tumblr Hacks

Netflix and Facebook recently forced reset certain accounts due to the MySpace, LinkedIn and Tumblr hacks, and that it was found that users were using the same passwords everywhere. The big gorilla-in-the-room-lesson-learned here: don’t re-use passwords. I get it, manually

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TeamViewer Hack

This one came across the desk today, TeamViewer confirms extent of their recent hack. This one is going to be an interesting one, because I know of many, let’s just say ‘high-valued targets’, that use this remote control and desktop sharing

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