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macOS High Sierra 0-Day Released Hours Before Launch

A security researcher (and by the way ex-NSA guy) named Patrick Wardle released an exploit that enables attackers to exfiltrate passwords from macOS reportedly hours before Apple released their new operating system macOS High Sierra. There’s no point in

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The importance of keeping up to date with patches

Here’s a story about what caused hackers to be able to compromise the Equifax hack which eventually led to 143 million accounts to be accessed: The cause was a series of patches that were available since March that slipped

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Equifax Hack and Strings Attached If You Get Help From Them

You probably have heard of Equifax getting hacked and some 143 million records stolen, tons of articles everywhere about that. Here’s one you probably didn’t read and it’s about how if you receive help from Equifax on this data breach,

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