EU Seeking to be Able to Obtain Data from US Tech Companies

June 08, 2017
Kevin Lam

Check out this article:

Summary: Due to all the recent attacks, the EU is looking to increase their ability to access data on servers stored on their continent (even by US tech companies).

I get, and I understand why they are doing this. I would as well if I were in their shoes. Luckily IronBox doesn’t have any endpoints in EU and even if we did, our crypto prevents anyone not authorized to access the data (including us) to be able to read it. So it would still be safe abroad.

That said, question still remains where do you draw the line? I wish there was some way companies who provide data protection services to be able to quickly vet “offer this person security services or not”. Kind like an auto background check for suspect terrorists or like TSA PreCheck if you’ve ever used it … So for example, bad guy signs up for some privacy service, their data gets entered in somewhere and it responds back whether or not they are good or bad or unknown. If they are bad they get rejected, or if they are good then they go on their way with no further interruptions.

The entrepreneur in me see opportunity because this is a legitimate problem that needs solving, but the logistics and operations guy sees a bloody nightmare 🙂 What do you think?