Help Prevent and Prepare for Your Next Business Data Breach

July 10, 2014
Kevin Lam

I hope everyone had a great July the 4th weekend.  We’re back with another Data Protection Friday article. So here we go …

The LA times published an article about how small businesses are at high risk for data breach. If you own or are a stakeholder for a business (small, medium or large), this article is going to break your heart: lots of problems, and no answers. In this article, I’ll give you some of those answers to help your business prevent and prepare for your next data breach.

Many (businesses) don’t use anti-virus software because it seems costly or bothersome

Bothersome I can’t help you with, but if cost is an issue I have good news. Microsoft is giving away an anti-malware program called Microsoft Security Essentials for the low low price of … free!  You can download it from the official Microsoft Security Essentials website.

Businesses should hire security consultants to search for weak spots in data protection”

Small businesses are unlikely going to have the financial resources to hire a security consultant to help them find for weak spots. That doesn’t mean small businesses can search for weak spots themselves with some free tools (psss, the pros are using these tools too):

“Having that notification plan is probably just as important for a business

If you ever do get compromised and your customer’s data get exposed you’re going to have to notify them.  Here are some notification templates, policies and plans you can use for free:

That should get you started. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. Until next Friday,


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