Goodbye Old IronBox Logo!

March 24, 2017
Kevin Lam



It’s time for a new logo. Back in 2010, when I founded IronBox (it was called LockBox), I had a very specific vision for the company. Between 2012-2014 the company strayed away from that vision. Mistakes were made, but valuable lessons were learned.

Since 2014, the company has gotten back on track to my original 2010 vision and is thriving today. We have awesome customers who we serve with data protection products that solve real problems really well. The current logo (the one you see above) was created during that 2012-2014 period and worked okay then. But it certainly doesn’t represent the vision, mission, values or spirit of IronBox today.

So, in a few weeks I’ll be unveiling a new company logo (fun!), until then.