Why Ransomware is Taking Off

September 22, 2016
Kevin Lam

If you’ve ever wondered why there seems to be so much ransomware (malicious software that blocks access to your computer or data until some sum of money is paid), the answer is that the return on investment is well, skyrocketing — for the bad guys. According to http://www.zdnet.com/article/why-ransomware-is-exploding-and-how-your-company-can-protect-itself in 2014 the average ransom was about $300. Then in 2015 that number jumped to $680. This problem is made even worse by the fact that businesses are increasing their reliance on computer systems and services. Safe bet that ransom number is going to jump again in 2016.

Check out the article, at the end it has some tips about how you can protect yourself. Nothing you probably haven’t already heard a hundred times, but still a good reminder.