Rotating Credit Card CVV Product to Help Prevent Fraud

October 07, 2016
Kevin Lam

Love innovative products that are simple and elegant. Check out this idea of a rotating CVV code on the back of credit cards called Motion Code:

Definitely would help with online fraud (where when you purchase something it asks you for a CVV), but I could definitely see instances where this would break:

  • Stored online credit card numbers (like on, you’d have to re-enter your CVV each time)
  • Places where CVVs aren’t requested (gas stations, Walmart, Target, vending machines, etc.)
  • Since the CVV is only 3 digits long, it would be easy enough to do a slow, paced out attack within an hour (the roll over time for the CVV)

Anyways, I think these guys are onto something, so great idea!