The United States National Security Strategy, Retaining In-House Expertise

December 18, 2017
Kevin Lam

Here’s a link to the United States National Security Strategy released today: (cyberspace security strategy starts on page 31).

No plan is perfect, but I’d like to point out a bright a really good (and surprising) focus of the strategy, and that is (on page 32, under Enhance Cyber Tools and Expertise) ” … will recruit, train, and retain a workforce” that is capable of detecting and defending against cyber attacks. The ability to retain expert level workforce has always seem to be a problem for the government. Don’t get me wrong, the NSA, FBI, CIA and military security folks are top notch, just keeping them from getting swooped up by private institutions has traditionally been a problem. So glad to see retention is going to be something the US government will focus on.

Go America, good start.