What White House Workers and Others Wished They Had Known About Ashley Madison

August 28, 2015
Kevin Lam

The carnage continues with the Ashley Madison data breach. Turns out now that White House workers and even Josh Duggar has been cited as users of the adult cheating site. People have the right to do whatever they want with their time, but if you have to something you generally don’t want others to know about here are some common sense tips for keeping your privacy:

Sign Up for a Separate Email Address

Places like Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook.com let you create all the email addresses you want. It takes 30 seconds to do, maybe less, and it’ll save you a ton of embarrassment later.

Get a Prepaid Credit Card

You can get these almost anywhere like grocery and department stores.

Don’t Use The Same Password

The encore to the Ashley Madison incident is probably that hackers are going to use that information to hack their other accounts (email, etc.). For the people who use the same password as they did on Ashley Madison as they do for their other accounts, they’re going to probably learn another hard lesson very soon.